Welcome to Aarkay Food Products Ltd.

Aarkay Food Products Ltd is world’s leading manufacturer of Functional Food Ingredients with Product portfolio spread across Natural Food Colours, Fruit & Vegetable Products and Specialty Ingredients.

Our Fruit & Vegetable Products consists of a wide assortment of Spray Dried Powders, Roller Dried Flakes and Vacuum Dried Powders, Flakes, Slices and Cubes. These Fruit & Vegetable Products impart flavour, texture and colour to your food products and Beverages.

Each of these products is having unique application and potential.

Why us!

Complete Traceability of Raw Material, a new state of the art manufacturing facility, Food Technology experts and our enthusiasm to service you. Know more


Aarkay Food Products Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and developer of natural food ingredients and additives



Aarkay manufactures a wide variety of natural food colours used in Food and Beverage Industries.


Aarkay’s commissions new plant to introduce Vacuum Drying and Drum Drying Technologies in addition to its existing Spray Drying Towers. These technologies are capable of producing unique Functional and Savory Ingredients for Food Developers around the world. Know more